Halloween University - HU - is a concept that was born in 2002 by Robert Kocher & Indrani Sen. After an outline for the concept was developed, the idea was pitched to Transworld in 2004 at the haunters pavilion. The hope was that eventually Halloween University would be allowed to thrive an expanding part of the pavilion of Transworld itself as a continuing educational program for the Halloween & Haunt Industry. Unfortunately, after only two years, the pavilion concept was abandoned, so we began search for a new home for Halloween University.
In 2007, opportunity presented itself, as it was the first year of the Eastern Haunters Convention. The seminar classes at the convention were so overcrowded due to the huge demand for Halloween and Haunted Attraction knowledge. There was clearly a need for a much larger venue for education and the time for Halloween University was born.

In 2008, the Eastern Haunters Convention expanded with the concept of a National Halloween Convention to begin a phase into the National Haunters Convention & the National Halloween Convention by 2009. We were a part of that expansion with the seminar lineup being organized and run by Halloween University. Today, the entire show is well known as the "National Haunters Convention & Halloween Show"

The initial early demand for seminars was so strong that two divisions of Halloween University were formed: The Professional School & The Public School.

The Professional School is geared for the serious haunt professional interested in furthering his or her knowledge. The classes are more expensive to attend, but allow us to bring in some of the heaviest hitters in the industry to attend. These classes are much more specific and advanced. In additional, these classes also allow for smaller groups giving you more intimate feel and personal attention. The knowledge of the professional classes earns you credits towards your Halloween University Degree.

The Public School division of classes will cover a much broader spectrum range of classes. These classes will have a lower cost, but will still cover many of the important topics that you will want to hear. They will just be a bit broader in scope. Some classes are even sponsored, such as our safety classes by the State of Pennsylvania, and they have no cost at all.


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